Monday, August 17, 2009


Has anyone every seen that movie? About the dinosaurs coming back to NYC? For the two of you out there, who got the reference, that's how we made our entrance when we arrived in Lancaster yesterday.

This is going to be my last post about vacation. I finally downloaded the 800+ pictures that were taken over the past two weeks so I thought I'd share all a few of them with you. Luckily we didn't take pictures of a lot of different things, but rather took a lot of pictures of a few things. I think I got about 25 pictures of a crab scurrying through the water Saturday.

Ok, I'm going to give you 2 minutes to go to the bathroom, grab a drink, tell your friends you can't take any calls for the next 15 minutes because you'll be reliving the Elsea's vacation. I'm pretty sure this post will be my longest ever and be in contention with this guy's very long, but very humorous posts (I'm contending with the length, not the humor).

You back? Ready to go?

Drew started out the trip with a nap.

Big Red came in for the weekend and brought her boyfriend.

Hillbilly Golf on the beach.

Charles did some boogie boarding....

while Mark did some of this.

Checking out the artillery at Fort Sumter.

And now for our biggest find of the week....
The last sea turtle inventory yielded 23 live turtles (and one that didn't make it). When I called my sister she thought we were making it up. I'm sure we'll never see anything like this again.

Look at those tracks.

On Saturday before we left we headed (barefoot) 2.5 miles south DeBordieu to South Beach (aka the North Inlet). It was a looooong walk but totally worth it in the end.
I followed this guy for several yards.

We saw hundreds of jelly fish that washed up on South Beach.
These were the reason why we couldn't get in the water for three days.

And so ends our trip. I'm done blogging about the beach (I think).

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Emommy said...

LOVE the pics and posts, Rachel! We feel like we're not so far away (AND that we just had a great beach vacation, so thanks for the escape)!