Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Rewind

Despite not having The Boy around this weekend and the temps not being warm enough for a single day at the pool, I have managed to keep myself quite busy.
As I've said before, The Boy and I live downtown.  While the main attraction to living downtown is the fact that we are so close to work (one of us can't even drive unless it's from one parking spot to the other), there are also many other perks that come with our location. Someday I'll write a post in the future covering many perks of living downtown.  Look for "Downtown Living: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" coming soon.
For now, I'll let you in on one of my favorite reasons for living down here.  Every Friday night the local bank sponsors the Friday Night Bandstand.  Broad Street is closed so that people can bring their lawn chairs  to sit and enjoy the music.  It is a really cool site to see.  This weekend was the seventh concert of the summer and one of the most anticipated with the musical talents of The British Invasion.
People sitting on Broad Street enjoying the music.
Friday night I decided that despite the fact I didn't have a date I would walk down (to the end of the block), grab a bite to eat, and enjoy the music.  I managed to convince my brother to join me, but he left after only 30 minutes forcing me to go stag.  I sat in my newly purchased lawn chair, read my book, and enjoyed old British favorites (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, you get the idea).  The band was great.  Not only could they sing, but their entire act was British, from the outfits, to the wigs, to their British accents.  A few hours later my sister was able to join me after her babysitting gig was up.  There are a couple more Friday Night Bandstands left this year including several other performances during the Lancaster Festival. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a few more (and maybe even one with The Boy!).

Saturday I made the trip up to Cleveland (the 5th in 3 months, 3 of those trips have been day trips) to help my sister figure out what she needs to have when she starts law school next month.  We visited our aunt (who she'll be living with) and helped her out around the house.  Afterwards, we headed to the Jake Progressive Field to see our beloved Indians be beat by the Mariners.   The game wasn't a complete loss because we did walk away with our sweet Surfin' Grady Sizemore bobble heads.  Mine will be prominently displayed on my desk come Monday morning.
In case you didn't know, I am a huge Indians fan.  The Indians and I have a very deep relationship that goes back to when I was a child.  I used to go to bed listening to the Greatest Hits c.d. from the 1995 season (I would still do this but The Boy would probably object). I have seen them through thick and thin. They are my boys.
Today I had planned on going to the pool (as I always do) only to wake up to chilly temps and cloudy skies.  After getting my praise on (does anyone else remember that from the 2004 Nat'l Youth Gathering?) I enjoyed tacos with the fam and headed home to take a nap.  Mark had the bright idea of going to the Clippers (AAA Team to the Indians) game tonight, so my dad checked into tickets.  Sure enough, they were available and sure enough Mark didn't check his work schedule ahead of time, so he couldn't go.  Dad got us great seats in the loge section (rolling office chairs and tables).  Not everyone can get into this area (we Davidsons aren't accustomed to this kind of treatment) and they even had waitresses to ask us what we would like to eat.  I have been to three Clippers games so far this year and plan on attending at least one more with The Boy.  I'm sure we'll be sitting in the same section so he can enjoy the ham carving station
I'm already looking forward to next weekend for two reasons: 1) Big Red will be here (yes, that shall be her blog name) and I'll get to introduce her to you (my one follower not related to me) in the next installment of "Weekend Rewind."  2) It is the last weekend The Boy will be studying for the Bar and thus my last weekend without him.  This also means it will be my last Weekend Rewind without The Boy for quite a while (I'm guessing until my trip to Colorado in October). Note:  I'm trying something new out with my formatting of pictures.  It's something The Boy wanted me to try.  

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