Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thank You MTV

I think I have found just the thing to get me through the remaining Dog Days of July while I am a Bar Widow. I heard about "16 and Pregnant" on MTV a couple of months ago but did not start watching until episode 4 of 6.  Lucky for me this means I still have 2 new episodes left on MTV and 3 old episodes to watch online.  That should kill a good 6 hours in the next 21 days. I was a huge fan of "Engaged and Underage", but I think 16 and Prego will be even better. Based on the previews and what I have seen so far, each father looks like a real winner.  I'm glad these girls were able to snatch them up early.  Tomorrow's episode can't disappoint with the 16 year old and her mom both being pregnant.  This is quality TV at its finest.  Thank you MTV, you may have saved the next three weeks of my life.

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