Thursday, July 2, 2009

Road Mapping

In an effort to figure out what to write about today I've been reading through other blogs to get an idea as to what married, childless couples talk about on their blogs. It turns out they all have pets. Dogs, cats, fish (ok, mostly dogs), when the bloggers haven't done anything of note they talk about all of the dog's big milestones: birthdays, injuries, tearing the house to shreds, etc.

The Boy and I don't have a pet because 1) we aren't allowed to have pets in our apartment (I take this to mean dogs and cats) and while we really, really would like a dog, we also really, really like our place and 2) I don't do small pets. The thought of finding a fish floating in its bowl or a rigor mortis hampster, who has been MIA for weeks, under the couch isn't appealing to me. Not to mention I need a pet that can audibly remind me to take it outside or feed it. Last time I checked, fish don't talk and hamsters only squeak softly. How much fun can you really have with fish and hampsters anyway? They can't sit on your lap or go on a walk (without their little hampster ball) or give you kisses after along day. Come to think of it I don't think small pets are really useful pets at all.

I digress.

Back to the purpose of this post. Before Rachael Ray cuts to a
commercial break she "road maps" what she'll be doing while the viewers are away and what they can expect when she returns. Since I didn't want to leave my handful of loyal readers without a post heading into the weekend I decided to road map this weekend as well as the next few posts to come.

Last year my mom's side of the family held "Beach Week 2008" at my uncle's beach house at
Debordieu in Georgetown, South Carolina. Despite Tropical Depression 3/Tropical Storm Cristobal, fun was held by all. Due to our work schedules The Boy and I were only able to make it down for a long weekend but were still able to cram in a lot of family and beach time. We held the first annual Stephenson Hillbilly Golf Tournament which my dad and The Boy (the only team without any Stephenson blood) won. This year they will be defending their title.

This year we're still getting together, only the location and length has changed. Starting tonight at 6:00 Pond Week(end) 2009 will commence. I expect the activities to be the same (minus the beach) and as of right now the weather looks like it could even be a repeat of last year. I will have a post (or two) recapping this weekend on Sunday.

I will be making blue ribbon worthy chocolate chip cookies tonight. I'll post that recipe
with pics next week as well.

I just made the cookies and forgot to take step-by-step photos, so much for that idea.  I must start thinking about my blog at all times.  The moment I realized I forgot I did think to grab and photograph all the ingredients for the oriental salad I'm also making this weekend. Hopefully I remember to take some pics while making it. 

And who could forget the 4th of July in Lancaster? As my dad says "The fireworks are free, so you'll see those who can't afford or don't want to pay to go to the county fair."  There's a post in itself right there.

The Boy will be taking a break from studying Friday evening through Sunday morning to join in on Pond Week(end) 2009 as well as walk in the Parade and see the fireworks. I plan on enjoying the time that he's around until it's back to the overly expensive
Barbri books Sunday afternoon.

Now that I'm done road mapping this weekend, I'm off to enjoy my time with The Boy and Stephenson family and
hopefully make it past the first round of the Second Annual Stephenson Hillbilly Golf Tournament.

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