Friday, June 26, 2009

welcome to the (blog) world

I've taken the big leap into the blog world. As soon as I hit "create blog" it hit me... I'm not a good writer, I have poor grammar, I cannot edit to save my life, I do not know (yet) how to take artsy photos, and I do not have people knocking on my door dying to know what I'm doing day to day. Why did I create my own blog? Maybe I should create a screening board to review entries before I post them.

Stay tuned. Non-interesting posts are sure to come.

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Anonymous said...

In some cases the apple does fall far, far from the tree. Let it suffice to say Rachel that you swim in the part of the gene pool that includes the spoken word and funny antecdotes (i.e., ""this is funny")and I think that even you can flourish on a blog. Although I am not available to serve on your screening committee, I can assist with a few suggestions for topics: Words I've Mispronounced. Least Favorite recipes of my favorite people (or visa versa). Famous characters from history (and other stuff) that I've dressed my dog up as (minus the dangling parts of the English language.) Signs I have misinterpreted. Stuff I do while also swiffering. Potties of the world. Hope that this helps. Anonymously yours, Mom