Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nota Bene

The Boss is freaked out that I will destroy her blog with an unbroken chain of pompous dispensations of my, admittedly, impressive catalogue of worldly knowledge. Ergo, I promise to use big words, as she has strictly prohibited me from doing, only when being an arrogant jerk on purpose. C'mon people, it's not hard to log onto my best friend to make yourself sound cool. Or like a jerk, for that matter.

Seriously, though, I promise to post sparingly, not only out of deference to The Boss but also due to my study schedule, which prohibits virtually all forms of human activity save the occasional bathroom break, nap, cookie, and breathing. And, no, I won't post about stuff that The Boss does not approve of. And in the spirit of the blog, I will end sentences with prepositions whenever I chose to (two in a row! score!).
Post Script: Coldplay's "Clocks" just came on at Cup O' Joe in Bexley. I made a CD for Mom and Dad, but haven't burned it yet. It's excellent.

Post Script 2: Oops. Had to edit my first two posts for language. Got the following text from The Boss: "I accept [my posts]. But please watch the foul language. I don't want to have to go in and sensor your posts :-). Love you too." Less than two hours into this and already in trouble...chalk it up to the "Elsea" in "Charles Elsea." So I guess this blog isn't everything Elsea... ;-) (that wink's for you, Boss).

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